Permanent Management Zones

High performance & high yield in analytical intelligence for creation of Permanent Management Zones

Cropman technology assess each squared meter of your crop through soil spatial variability mapping, measured by Apparent Electric Conductivity (ECa) soil sensing and other relevant data such as landscape parameters and soil wet-chemical analysis from strategic sampling points, delivering Permanent Management Zones for several agricultural applications for any crop, reducing costs in input usage and increasing yield.

CROPMAN: efficient site-specific management ahead of competitors:

Approach of our competitors is based on plant information:

  • High spatial-time variability;
  • Several interferences related to physiological response, plagues, agricultural practices, etc;
  • Different/changeable Management Zones every year;


CROPMAN’s approach is anchored in Soil information, therefore ensuring:

  • Low spatial-time variability;
  • Based on Soil parameters that are very stable;
  • Permanent Management Zones;


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