Who we are

Founded in 2018, Cropman is a technology company specialized in low-cost and high-precision soil diagnosis. Our algorithms deliver permanent management zones & soil compaction maps, which allow farmers to reach more effective input usage & subsoil preparation at variable depths, bringing economy, efficiency, productivity, and sustainability to agricultural activities.

Cropman technology assess each squared meter of your crop through soil spatial variability mapping, measured by Apparent Electric Conductivity (ECa) soil sensing and other relevant data such as landscape parameters and soil wet-chemical analysis from strategic sampling points, delivering Permanent Management Zones for several agricultural applications for any crop, reducing costs in input usage and increasing yield.

Given that our technology is based on soil data, we can deliver our solutions for any crop! Grains, citrus, sugarcane, fruit, cotton, pasture and many others. Whatever your crop, we generate value and reduce costs to your activity, independently of how large or small your scale is.


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