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Analytical Intelligence
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Permanent Management Zones.
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Smart field management

Smart field management Cropman Intelligence analyses each square meter of your crops considering soil spatial variability.
We collect data for soil electric conductivity (field reading), landscape parameters and soil sampling through our guided sampling grid (“smart sampling”)



Exclusive Cropman’s technology creates permanent management zones that allow farmers to apply inputs – from seeds to fertilizers and herbicides – at variable rates, delivering efficiency for field operations and yield gains.



Cropman has a unique technology that is constantly updating. We are committed to generate value and deliver cost reductions to our clients, big or small-scale producers. Do you want to know more? Follow us on “News”.



Em pouco mais de cinco anos, a Cropman acumula diversos cases de sucesso por todo o Brasil. Oferecemos a solução ideal para o campo, com estudos detalhados e acompanhamento real da evolução da lavoura. 

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Founded in 2018, Cropman is a technology company specialized in low-cost and high-precision soil diagnosis. Our algorithms deliver permanent management zones & soil compaction maps, which allow farmers to reach more effective input usage & subsoil preparation at variable depths, bringing economy, efficiency, productivity, and sustainability to agricultural activities.

We use the most advanced technologies in soil mapping and principles of sustainable innovation to bring revolutionary solutions to farmers. Cropman is a result of years of researching made by Phds Henrique Junqueira Franco & Guilherme Sanches, in the fields of Soils/Plant Nutrition & Data Science. Our objective is to offer results that transform data into usable information, aiming at maximizing profits for our customers through deeper understanding of their soils and crops. With Cropman, you produce more using less!

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